Gonçalo Pereira

A Miniclip employee since January 2017, Gonçalo is a product manager and has been in charge of the external projects Flip Master, Flip Diving, and Plague Inc. since April 2017. He is currently working on two awesome (fingers crossed) titles that will be available very soon.
He previously worked as an associate product manager handling most of the operational tasks of Miniclip’s main products, including localization and iOS and Google Play Store management. Before joining Miniclip he worked in procurement and managed the procurement department of CBI for a full year, handling contracts, supplier sourcing, and team management. Gonçalo first joined the games industry when he worked on a couple of indie projects after graduating with a degree in game design in 2015.
However, his passion for the medium came long before that. He has been a Legend of Zelda fan since A Link to the Past came out, and the franchise has had a great influence on his career path. Gonçalo enjoys medieval fantasy games and books, and he’s crazy about The Lord of the Rings.
Feel free to contact Gonçalo at goncalo.pereira@miniclip.com or via LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/pereiragoncalo/.
Our presentation will be divided into two parts. The first part will focus on how we chose localization providers, what our quality criteria are, and how localization has impacted the company. The second part will focus on our process for ensuring that we have high-quality localizations delivered on time and how we handle daily operations.