Hassan ElKady

Hassan is a translator and community manager at Gamevil Com2uS. He translates and localizes Com2uS' popular mobile MMORPG "Summoners War" from English to Arabic. Hassan joined Gamevil Com2uS in 2016 while doing his MA in Game Research and Development. Before that, Hassan worked as an account manager in IT solutions in Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Hassan's passion for video games started at the age of 5 when he visited his neighbor and saw an Atari 2600 for the first time. He has never missed an opportunity to get at least one console of every console generation, starting from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the PlayStation VR (which he still loves even though it gives him motion sickness).
Localization into different languages can present similar challenges. I would like to introduce you to the less ubiquitous ones when it comes to Arabic. Cultural differences between most Arab countries and the countries where games are originally made are very obvious to a player born and raised in the Middle East, but less obvious to others. In this presentation, I plan on making such challenges clearer for the audience.