André Espinha

André is an associate product manager at Miniclip, where he has developed and launched Battle Break – Multiplayer in partnership with Fuero Games. He is currently working on internal titles to be released soon. He is also responsible for handling localization requests for several Miniclip Projects and managing the games’ presences on the Google Play Store, iTunes Connect, and Amazon App Store (in-app purchases, releases, descriptions, etc.). André has been working in the games industry since 2017. Before joining Miniclip he worked as an eProcurement B2B consultant, product manager of eAuction solutions, and marketing specialist. His experience has allowed him to acquire a solid base of knowledge about advertising, marketing, and business communication. His connection with the games industry started when he was four (thanks to his father’s encouragement and a ZX Spectrum 48k) and has never stopped. He is a big fan of the Mass Effect and Star Wars franchises and enjoys all kinds of sci-fi and fantasy games, books, and movies. Most recently he has been “hooked” on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Destiny 2, but his long-time love is and will forever be Magic: The Gathering. Feel free to contact André at or
Our presentation will be divided into two parts. The first part will focus on how we chose localization providers, what our quality criteria are, and how localization has impacted the company. The second part will focus on our process for ensuring that we have high-quality localizations delivered on time and how we handle daily operations.