Renat Bikmatov

Senior Expert and Head of Research & Development Projects at Logrus Global. Renat received a degree in Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at Moscow State University. He worked as a programmer in scientific instrument engineering for 15 years. Renat has been building his career in localization for 20 years, starting from the position of a translator and eventually moving on to managing complex projects. He currently has a role in the evaluation and development of solutions for complex automation of localization processes, such as machine translation, project management, resource management, and quality evaluation.
Announced at LocKit 2017, Rigora is a total translation QA utility that is currently in the alpha stage. It is especially convenient for globally checking and correcting terminology when working with a group of linguists in a cloud-based TMS. A new service is also being readied for a 2018 launch: the Perfectionist translation QA portal. This portal uses the MQM standard translation error classification, the ASTM WK54884 methodology for measuring translation quality, and configurable quality metrics templates to order. These tools can be integrated along with the Prospector term-extraction tool and the Goldpan translation memory and glossary editor into content localization workflows to ensure high-quality translations into various languages.