Carina Köhler

Combining her love of languages and gaming, Carina has been a Globalization Manager at King for the last six years, where she has worked on the successful Candy Crush Saga franchise and other titles. Her work at King includes localizing dozens of games into 23 different languages, as well as ensuring that the content of those games is adapted (and culturally sensitive) in all markets. She holds a degree in language and communication with coursework in the translation of non-fiction texts, project management, and leadership. Fluent in three and a half languages, Carina loves games that have strong characters and a memorable story that makes you laugh, cry – or both! If you want to know how to translate different dialects in literature or what it’s like to live on a farm in the Norwegian countryside, please feel free to track Carina down and say “Hello” (or “Hallo,” or “Hej,” or “Привет”)!
1. A short presentation about how we work with culturalization at King, including real cases and templates. (20 minutes)
2. Round table session – following the presentation we’ll open the floor to questions and discussion so attendees can share their experience and learn from each other. (40 minutes)