Jure Dernovsek

Jure is a client-driven tech enthusiast with a background in German and computer science. He has spent the last nine years combining these two specializations in order to assist clients in the software localization industry. He obtained most of his professional experience while working for an LSP and is currently focused on sharing and expanding his knowledge of memoQ. When he isn’t working he enjoys spending time with his family, running at night, and skiing.
Localizing software into multiple languages isn’t as easy as it should be. While it is possible to do most of the work in a text editor and send files back and forth manually, this is hardly the best option. Join Jure Dernovsek to learn how to improve and optimize the workflow for software localization projects where the source also gets updated as the translation happens. memoQ’s flexibility enables clever project management options that can lead to substantial savings in large, complex projects — the ones that generate the lion’s share of your revenue.