17 October 20:10
Analysis of the return on investment of mobile games localization, based on mobile MMORPGs. Method of analysis, examples of compiling, rating of languages and countries in terms of ROI of localization.
29 October 19:45
This year, Logrus Global will be releasing three new tools for software translators. Prospector is a tool that extracts terms from the English text. Goldpan enables the editing and checking of translation memory (TMX) and glossary (TBX) files. The preparations for the release of the third tool are under way. This tool will enable users to run a complex linguistic and technical check on the translation quality of software resources.
10 November 10:00
Integration of localization into the development process. Regional adaptation of game events and entities. Localization QA and localization of videos.
10 November 10:00
Fast localization is not just about doing all the same tasks as before, but quicker. Working incrementally can actually bring cost savings, enable better localization quality, and provide us with more time, tools, and opportunities than ever before to make our work even more meaningful and innovative. The only catch is that you might need to learn a new language.
10 November 10:00
This talk will be about the first open and free online course in the basics of localization, which is designed to attract new specialists to the industry who don’t yet know about it or are afraid to ask, and also to share useful knowledge with those already involved or working in the industry.
10 November 10:00
The talk will be about the process of localizing VK, its mobile version, and its applications. We will discuss the process of recruitment and the localization stages in our company, as well as how we identify the perfect wording. We will also go through some challenging and unusual cases. I hope this talk will be of interest not to just those working in IT or translations, but for users as well.
10 November 10:00
The presentation will be about localizing Blade & Soul, one of the most exciting MMORPGs launched onto the Russian market in 2016. I will talk about the stylistic specifics of the game's text and the issues we encountered when working on such a massive and ambitious project.
10 November 10:00
Wrike is developed by 10+ scrum-teams who release minor and major updates almost every day. We’ve implemented localization into our development cycle in such a way that all features are released with localization into all languages. What you’ll learn about this workflow: tools, organization, challenges, and successes.
10 November 10:10
Russia is an attractive market for international startups. Uber, Airbnb, Houzz, and many other projects have come to us. It is far less common for Russian-founded startups to achieve success in the international arena. This discussion will be about the difficulties that Russian services encounter when breaking into foreign markets, how to deal with localization and what to expect from the translation industry.

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