15 November 09:50
Localizing software into multiple languages isn’t as easy as it should be. While it is possible to do most of the work in a text editor and send files back and forth manually, this is hardly the best option. Join Jure Dernovsek to learn how to improve and optimize the workflow for software localization projects where the source also gets updated as the translation happens. memoQ’s flexibility enables clever project management options that can lead to substantial savings in large, complex projects — the ones that generate the lion’s share of your revenue.
15 November 11:10
Announced at LocKit 2017, Rigora is a total translation QA utility that is currently in the alpha stage. It is especially convenient for globally checking and correcting terminology when working with a group of linguists in a cloud-based TMS. A new service is also being readied for a 2018 launch: the Perfectionist translation QA portal. This portal uses the MQM standard translation error classification, the ASTM WK54884 methodology for measuring translation quality, and configurable quality metrics templates to order. These tools can be integrated along with the Prospector term-extraction tool and the Goldpan translation memory and glossary editor into content localization workflows to ensure high-quality translations into various languages.
16 November 00:40
Our presentation will be divided into two parts. The first part will focus on how we chose localization providers, what our quality criteria are, and how localization has impacted the company. The second part will focus on our process for ensuring that we have high-quality localizations delivered on time and how we handle daily operations.
16 November 09:00
G5 Games develops F2P games that are localized into 15 languages. The company cannot employ 200 native linguists in house, therefore it has to work with localization outsourcers. In the report, I will tell how work is organized at our company's localization department. I will describe the problems that we face and how we solve them and reveal the core principles that we follow when developing interaction with localization outsourcers.
16 November 09:40
Localization into different languages can present similar challenges. I would like to introduce you to the less ubiquitous ones when it comes to Arabic. Cultural differences between most Arab countries and the countries where games are originally made are very obvious to a player born and raised in the Middle East, but less obvious to others. In this presentation, I plan on making such challenges clearer for the audience.
16 November 12:05
What culturalization is and why it matters. How to get players from all over the word to fall in love with you and how to avoid mistakes.
16 November 13:10
When planning major events in Russia it is important to account for the differences between the mindset of foreign planners and visitors and the cultural traditions of the host country. This is a crucial factor that can determine the success not only of the organization of translation services, but also of the event as a whole. In this presentation Andrei Moiseev would discuss how the organization of the translation process was reflected in the planning of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and other events held in Russia, as well as mistakes made and innovations utilized.
16 November 13:45
This presentation is dedicated to the evolution, construction, and implementation of the process of continuous localization. It will touch on the technical side (git, serge, SmartCAT), as well as the construction of inter-team processes governing interaction between product teams and the technical writing department.
16 November 14:10
1. A short presentation about how we work with culturalization at King, including real cases and templates. (20 minutes)
2. Round table session – following the presentation we’ll open the floor to questions and discussion so attendees can share their experience and learn from each other. (40 minutes)
16 November 14:25
We’ll tell you how we found a reliable partner to help us bring Smartcat to the Turkish market and how this helped us avoid awkward moments and bring Turkey to second place in term of sales of our payment solution.